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Department :
Insurance Consultant
Working Hours :
Monday to Saturday- 10am to 7pm IST

About Kiran Nadkarni

Meet Kiran Nadkarni whose strong business acumen and strategic management has made him emerge as one the prominent insurance consultants in Pune.
A mechanical engineer by profession, Kiran served the industry as a salaried employee for 14 years before taking up insurance counselling as a full-time profession in 2002. It was indeed a crucial decision which played a major role in making his subsequent insurance career feasible.
Kiran recollects the former days when as a salaried employee in Thermax Limited, as a materials manager made him dictate buying terms with vendors in contrary to his role as an insurance counsellor where he was required to sell insurance. He was now on the other side of the table and that was indeed a challenge!
However his keen foresight, strong will power, moral character and natural aptitude soon saw him reaping benefits of his ardor towards work thereby emerging him into a well-known name in the field of insurance in a matter of 25 years.
Kiran has undergone both generic and specific, professional programs that help him remain well- informed and knowledgeable about the insurance and investment industry. There is a further focus on soft skills such as communication, managing long-term relationships and selling skills, which are very relevant in a service-driven industry like insurance.